Advanced machine line for the production of Chevron (Hungarian-Point) floor sections.

The Marinus Powermax Chevron machine can be used for endmatching for the production of herringbone and hungarian point (chevron). A unique feature of the Powermax Chevron is the high-tech in and out feed. The combination of feed belts with slides that open and close ensures an optimal product supply. The automatic cross cut saw ensures a constant supply of cut-to-size boards. During processing, the boards are fixed sideways and clamped upwards against an accurate fixed ruler. This results in very high profile and angle accuracy. This method of production is the most suitable for making chevron.

Why Marinus Powermax Chevron Machine?

The Powermax Chevron profiles the head-end of floor boards at precise and fixed lengths. The integrated saw makes sure parquet boards are processed to the correct length and the correct angle for your Chevron floor.

  • Very dimensionally stable
  • Absolute angel accuracy
  • Over 25 years of experience in End matching
  • Fully automatic
  • Online service, diagnostics and support
  • Unique production method
  • High operational reliability
  • High capacity up to 10 boards per minute
  • Absolute angle accuracy
  • High profile accuracy
  • Unique production method
  • Integrated automatic cross cut saw
  • CNC controlled positioning clapms
  • Driven belt conveyor for waste
  • CE Safety and Electrical Standards – UL/CSA Standards
  • User-Friendly control panel
  • Online remote support management
  • Advanced Servo Drive & Control Technology by Lenze


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