M25 Edge-Milling Machine

Machine Information

The M25 Miter Machine is configured with a router spindle station for mortise cuts and a spindle station for tenon cuts. Each station has separate servo control of movements along X, Y, and Z axes. The hold-down assembly can be pneumatically raised with the push of a button to allow easy access to both milling tools at either station.

Pneumatic clamping assemblies, with non-marring urethane pads, are mounted to the hold-down assembly to secure the part during cutting and can be placed at numerous locations over the cutting surface.

The M25 Miter Machine is programmed to design the depth and position of both the mortise and the tenon. Besides the design is a calibration mode that allows independent adjustment of the mortise and the tenon to achieve a perfect fit. Once the design is complete, it is saved in a recipe format. Once this recipe is opened the operation comes down to simply as feeding the substrate into the machine.

The M25 Miter Machine’s optional auto-sizing feature consists of a table assembly that provides a precision measurement of the parts being processed. As parts are initially fed into the machine, their length is measured when the first cut is being taken. During the secondary process, the length is compared to the pre-programmed cut list and the amount is taken off during the second cut, which results in a part that is sized to the specification within a tolerance of.003”

The entire inside of the M25 Miter Machine is part of the dust collection system. All incoming air is drawn through the work area to keep wood chips from collecting on the work surface.

  • Accommodates a minimum part size 3″ long x 0.50″ wide x 0.250″ thick
  • Accommodates a maximum part of any length x 5″ width x 4″ thickness (without auto-sizing)
  • Accommodates a maximum part size 48″ long x 5″ wide x 4″ thick (with auto-sizing)
  • Mortise and tenon cuts at 0°, 45°, and 90° for face frames and standard miter doors
  • Only miter machine to address the problem of dust collection
  • Locates inside or outside edges by comparing the variance in part width
  • Locates parts face down by the material thickness variance
  • Capable of producing mortise and tenon face frames
  • Finishes one part in every 9 seconds
  • Automatic sizing feature consists of a table assembly that provides a precision measurement of parts being processed (option)
  • Other applications may include drilling, boring, and slotting for a variety of cabinet and furniture components.