LEADERMAC | Planermac Moulder Series

Heavy-duty, wide four-sided planer for wide and thick beams, wide plank flooring, and standard moulding applications, all in one machine.

The Leadermac Planermac Moulder Series has been designed very heavily to run large wide and thick beams, wide planks, right down to standard-sized mouldings and planing. Designed to handle large beams at regular feed rates, it can also produce products up to 200 fpm with optional jointers. The feed system is designed to handle rough, heavy and wide material, with the ability to handle down to smaller sized products and mouldings.

Leadermac Planermac Moulder Series

Why Leadermac Planermac Moulder Series?

  • Heavily built fabricated steel frame ensures the production of quality finished products at high-speed rates.
  • The Planermac moulder comes with high-quality components, ensuring the best finish possible.
  • The Planermac moulder comes standard with Setworks, with a range of series of automation available for easy and consistent set up by your operator, ensuring quick changeovers.
  • With Leadermacs competitive price advantage, we ensure the Planermac comes with all the features and options to ensure you get a machine that will hold up to your heavy requirements that the Planermac can handle.
  • 4 Pieces of Abec 7 Precision Bearings per spindle, with 5500, 6000 or 7200 rpm, ensuring an excellent finish on your products.
  • Turnkey solutions include on-site operator and maintenance training.

  • Heavy fabricated steel frame provides superior vibration damping, which produces superiorly finished parts and promotes long bearing & machine life.
  • Tightly coupled machine ensures smooth and consistent feeding to assist in producing high-quality finish.
  • All tables and fences hard chromed with approximately 0.012″-0014″ thick hard chrome, which ensures maximum longevity.
  • Comes with more top-driven and bottom full-width driven feed rolls than other moulders of its size.
  • Bottom bed rolls can be adjusted up and down with a simple adjustment from the front of the machine.
  • 5500, 6000, or 7200 rpm spindles, each with (4) ABEC 7 precision bearings per spindle which provides smooth surface finish results.
  • Larger cutterhead swing allows for deeper and more complex profiles.
  • Outboard supports for top feed roll shafts and top beam.
  • Top and bottom chamfering heads available for easing the edge of large beams.
  • Shifting side heads available to handle material with curve in the length of beams etc.
  • Pneumatic side holdover provides consistent side pressure to the fence.
  • Pneumatic hold down pressure to all top feed rolls provides consistent and repeatable pressure.
  • Pneumatic chip breakers ensuring consistent pressure.
  • Full width driven infeed & outfeed bed rolls, along with a heavily constructed cardan shaft universal drive system to ensure your large, heavy pieces feed thru the machine with ease.
  • Machine comes standard with Easyset touch screen control setworks (other setworks systems available to increase automation).
  • Set up controls mounted on pendant with 12′ cord to allow the operator to carry in front of the machine during setup.
  • Axial adjustment of last bottom head from front of machine.
  • Heavy-duty pneumatic, automatic and programmable table lubrication system.
  • Centralized grease lubrication system.
  • Safety sound enclosure is standard.
  • Pneumatic pressure to chip breakers, holdovers, and top feed rolls.

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