L86 Surface Foiler

Machine Information

The L86 Surface Foiler will apply a variety of transfer foil finishes to MDF and other substrate panel faces up to 36 inches wide. The substrate is transported through the laminator on a continuous flat belt. The belt is covered with a heat resistant, non-marking rubber compound. Adjustable side guides guide the substrate to the laminating zone.

The substrate cleaning station, located on the infeed end of the machine, has a powered rotary brush that removes debris from the surface of the substrate through a 3-inch diameter dust collection outlet. The cleaning station is easily adjusted with a digital readout indicating a thickness setting.

The L86 Surface Foiler unwind assembly, located on the infeed end of the machine, supports the roll of transfer foil. Tapered unwind chucks on the lift-out unwind shaft center the roll of foil. Web tension is controlled by the pneumatic brake on the unwind shaft. The bowed spreader roller is used to prevent wrinkles and help ensure a smooth even finish in the transfer foil web at the laminating station.

The L86 Surface Foiler’s transfer foil is bonded to the substrate in the laminating station by two heated silicone rubber covered rollers. Two oven assemblies heat the silicone rubber rollers to quickly apply the dry-transfer finish. The ovens are divided into individual heat zones that can be switched off when laminating less than full-width substrates. This means reduced energy consumption and extended roller life. The laminating station is easily adjusted for desired substrate thickness. A digital readout indicates a thickness setting.

The rewind removes the polyester carrier from the laminated substrate at the outfeed end of the transporter. The adjustable stripper roller assists in the clean removal of the carrier film from the substrate.

The hotstamp surface foiler has a control station that includes transporter feed, transporter speed oven temperature, substrate cleaner, and unwind web tension.

  • Accommodates a part width of 4″–36″
  • Accommodates a thickness of 1/8″–2 1/2″
  • Uses sectional ovens and twin applicator rollers
  • Foil unwind accepts up to 13″ diameter roll
  • Pneumatic unwind