L73 Contour Foiler

Machine Information

The L73 Contour Foiler applies transfer-finishing foil to the non-linear, pre-shaped, and sanded edge of your MDF part without any template. The feed mechanism will accurately transport the edge of the round, oval, round corner rectangles, etc. past the foiling head. An applicator wheel with automatic heat control applies the foil. The workpiece support arms are adjustable to accommodate small to large parts.

The L73 Contour Foiler provides constant speed and pressure against the edges of an almost limitless range of parts. Boards of various shapes and sizes can be finished one after another without downtime. The precision and accuracy of the contour edge foiler produce consistently high-quality parts without smearing, wrinkling, or needing refoiling.

The L73 Contour Foiler’s unique air bearing hold-down prevents marring or scratching of the surface. Air flowing through the cup is trapped between the board and the shallow lip. The part is held firmly with minimal physical contact. There is constant-tension rewind- and stripper-rollers that follow the edge of the part for precise foil trimming.

The L73 Contour Foiler is a production-oriented machine designed for reliability and operator convenience. Adapting it to parts of varied shapes is as simple as changing boards.

  • Accommodates a minimum part diameter of 18″
  • Accommodates a part of maximum dimensions of 72″ L x 72″ W
  • Accommodates a part thickness of.50″–1″
  • Accommodates a minimum inside radius of 4″
  • Accommodates a minimum outside radius of 2″
  • Works with round, oval, convex, and concave shapes
  • Adjustable support arms for a range of small and large parts