L217 Double-End Foiler

Machine Information

The L217 Double-End Foiler profiles, sands, and applies dry-transfer finishing foil to both edges of MDF parts in one continuous pass. Designed for quick and easy changeover. Foiling stations equipped with 8˝ diameter foil wheels, non-contact sensors, and ovens for automatic temperature control. Optional top and bottom score saws to accurately score the part before shaping, for a smooth, clean edge.

Optional top and bottom score saws on either side and high-speed arbors and climb cut rotation to cleanly cut through papers, veneers, etc.

The L217 Double-End Foiler has an optional groove saw equipped with a precision-balanced drive motor and spindle on the fixed side of the machine. This operation is performed on the top surface of the substrate on the fixed side of the machine. The shaping station rotates against the direction of feed on each side of the machine. Optional quick-change unidirectional spindles have an expanding/contracting body that securely grips the shaper head. A simple mechanical handle activates the lock/unlock.

Two counter-rotating sanding stations on either side of the machine are equipped with precision-balanced motors and quick change spindles as an option.

The double-side foiler can be configured with up to three foiling stations on each side. Each station is equipped with 8” diameter foil wheel, non-contact sensor, and oven for automatic temperature control. The adjustable torque rewind is conveniently located on the outfeed end for removal of used foil.

The L217 Double-End Foiler has dual post cleaners with top and bottom rotary brushes that rotate against the workflow to cleanly remove foil feathering to smooth the top and bottom foil trim line from the profiled edges as the part exits the outfeed. An adjustable mini cooler cools the foiled edges before entering the post cleaner station.

The L217 Double-End Foiler’s features:

  • Accommodates up to seven stations per side
  • Top and bottom score saws, groove station, shaping station, dual sanding station and dual foiling station (up to four)
  • Precision chains and programmable pop-up dogs
  • Post clean stations (option)
  • L215 model also is available (it has up to four stations)