Injecta Glue Inject Applicator

Machine Information

For professional and precise glue supply in dowel holes and back side grooves.

  • Always the same and right glue amount
  •  No afterwards cleaning of the workpieces of too much glue is necessary
  •  Easiest and minimal cleaning (1x week) of the gluing system (through cleaning program)
  •  Glue cost savings
  •  Ergonomic and light glue gun compared to squeezy glue bottles
  •  Faster and more precise working compared to squeezy glue bottles

System benefits of Gannomat Injecta

  • Timesaving – Easy – Clean
  • Stepless regulation of glue amount
  • Exact glue-application cut-off
  • Immediate discharge of glue, because the glue applicator with the nozzle is under pressure
  • Moveable glue applicator

Glue applicator with 2 guns

  • Glue applicator with 2 independent guns for 2-man-operation.

Practical control

  • Fully automatic PLC electronic control
  • Potentiometer for stepless setting of glue amount
  • Program selection by push button at the glue pistol:
  • Program 1: Pulse operation for gluing of dowel holes
  • Program 2: Continuous operation for permanent gluing of back side grooves

Closed gluing system

  • Closed gluing system
  • Field-proven adhesive system
  • Selector switch GLUE / WATER for cleaning of the gluing system
  • Stainless steel-pot for 5 kg glue  (1 ½ gallons) and  stainless steel-pot for 5 l water (1 ½ gallons) for cleaning
  • Gannomat quality glue nozzle (made by Gannomat)

Movable by castors

  • Set of castors to make the machine easy movable.

Additonal advantages that will make work easier, reduce set-up time and increase precision, we will explain to you in a personal conversation