Index Logic CNC Dowel Inserter

Machine Information

CNC Controlled Point-to-Point Drilling, Gluing and Dowel Inserting Machine for variable programming of boring patterns.

This machine concept is specially developed for just-in-time manufacturing as well as large batch production for case goods, drawers, frame parts, solid wood rails etc.

Dowel diameter 6, 8 or 10 mm, dowel length 25 – 50 mm.

The Logic 70 table is 700 mm with two zones and two side referencing stops. There are four pneumatic clamping cylinders. Max work piece thickness is 80 mm.

The Logic 130 has a 1300 mm wide table. It is a 4 zone machine with 4 referencing stops. There are eight pneumatic clamping cylinders for work piece thickness max 80mm, work piece length min. 70mm.

Boring/Inserting aggregate travels on profile bearing guides with: 1 Single spindle horizontal boring unit, motor 0.65 kw, spindle speed selectable through software (3000/5000/8000 rpm) One blowing, gluing, dowel inserting unit for dowels 8mm diameter, 25 – 50 mm length (optional 6mm and 10mm diameter)

Fully automatic electronically controlled central lubrication. X-axis NC controlled, maximum working width 1300mm, travel speed max.105m/minute. Z-axis manual setting ( 5 – 40mm from work table surface) by digital counter.. Outstanding dowel length, 7 – 20mm also set by digital counter, boring depth 0 – 35mm (by drill bit length TL 70mm) automatically calibrated to outstanding dowel length.

Table and linear guideway support are a one piece weldment. The two guideways are twelve inches apart. This engineering design is why Gannomat insertion machines are so highly rated for accuracy.

Closed gluing system with 6 bar glue pressure.

Variable setting of glue amount by computer control.

The machine has two stainless steel canisters, one for glue and one for water to rinse the system.  Stainless steel container for 1½ gallon glue. Glue control warning light indicating low volume in the glue container.

Programming by menu-based software; boring patterns variably programmable by Absolute-Relative-Pitch; automatic mirror image programming, work piece

Optimization; 2 and 4 working zones can be operated with different programs; graphical workpiece image; parametric programming; programmable job list. Clear text on-screen identification of program errors.