Hydraulic Stiles Press

Machine Information

Our Hydraulic stiles press is specifically designed to help optimize your efficiency using as little manpower as possible without sacrificing quality.


  • Frame
  • One (1) 5 HP hydraulic unit with a variable flow pump to apply pressure
  • One, two or four sections, each section includes:
    • 36” of opening by 120” long and 8” wide
    • Eight (8) hydraulic cylinders of 3” diameter by 4” of stroke with a pusher plate of 10” wide by 14′ long
      One (1) manual ball valve per cylinder to remove pressure on each individual cylinder, if required for shorter material
    • One (1) lock valve
    • One (1) pressure reducing control valve
    • Adjustable depth back fence to locate material to be glued in the center of the pusher plate