X18 Manual Dovetail Routing Machine


Machine Information

Entry level, manually operated dovetail routing machine to rout a single dovetail keyway with each machining cycle.
For Dovetail Key sizes W-0, W-1, W-2 and W-3

The X18 manual dovetail routing machine is a light weight, more portable model with an open base design. This machine does not require a compressed air supply.
Due to its limited routing height of 2 1/4” this machine is not suitable for joining most floater frames and shadow box moulding.

The keyway location is adjusted by positioning the guided center fence plate on the machine table; the keyway length (routing height) is adjusted by setting a height-stop rod to the desired setting.

Routing height adjustment road with scale

  • Pulling the main lever downward starts the machining cycle:
  • Padded hold-down plate secures work-piece and motor is switched on
  • Continued pulling advances the router head until pre-set height is reached
  • Releasing the lever returns the motor to its home position and shuts off motor
  • Padded hold-down plate releases work-piece

Routing parts for a miter joint

With the operator controlling the speed of all machine movements, output is greatly depended on material flow, handling and operator performance.

The supplied router bit is solid tungsten carbide, made to exacting specifications. Depending on the routing depth and the material to be routed, the useable cutter life is approx. 10,000 strokes, often times even more. Every machine is shipped with a tool kit and set-up jig, which allows a router bit change in only minutes.

Standard Features:
Hoffmann Dovetail Routing Machine, model X18, ready for operation, W-2 solid carbide router bit installed, standard 45 degree center fence plate and square stop, toolkit and manual.