MU3-P Pneumatic Dovetail Routing Machine

Machine Information

Professional level, pneumatically controlled dovetail routing machine to rout a single dovetail keyway with each machining cycle.
Heavy cast aluminum construction with large, ergonomically shaped table surface, precision linear bearings, galvanized steel motor carriage with integrated motor fine adjustment and digital displays for routing height and routing location.
For Dovetail Key sizes W-0, W-1, W-2, W-3 (W-4 with optional larger motor)

This pneumatically controlled dovetail routing machine is the more automated version of the MU 3 and MU3-D models.  Aside from the same attributes in terms of design and built quality, the machine features two pneumatic cylinders and a pneumatic foot pedal.
One short stroke cylinder is used to clamp the material the instant the foot pedal is pressed, while a second, larger cylinder is used to move the router carriage up and down.
The main benefits compared to the manual machines are faster and more comfortable operation, more consistent results due to set routing feed rates and the fact that both hands can remain on the material during the routing sequence.  This is an important advantage when processing longer parts.

The keyway location is adjusted by positioning the guided center fence plate on the machine table;
the keyway length (routing height) is adjusted by setting a height-stop rod to the desired setting.
Both positions are shown on separate digital displays for accuracy and repeatability.

  • Pressing the pneumatic foot pedal starts the machining cycle:
  • Pneumatic clamp secures work-piece and motor is switched on
  • Router head advances until pre-set height is reached
  • Router head returns to home position and motor is switched off
  • Pneumatic clamp releases work-piece

Output is approx. 16 routing strokes per minute, which translates into 2 completely processed rectangular frames. These numbers include material handling, but obviously depend on routing depth, feed speed, material flow and operator performance as well. Flow control valves on the main pneumatic cylinder allow the operator to adjust the upward and downward feed rate independently, depending on the material being processed. On its backside, the large heavy-duty cast aluminum machine base has a 2″ diameter dust collection port to connect a shop vacuum for dust free operation.

The supplied router bit is solid tungsten carbide, made to exacting specifications. Depending on the routing depth and the material to be routed, the useable cutter life is approx. 10,000 strokes, often times even more. Every machine is shipped with a tool kit and set-up jig, which allows a router bit change in only minutes.

Standard Features:
Hoffmann Dovetail Routing Machine, model MU 3-P, ready for operation, with air regulator installed, W-2 solid carbide router bit installed, standard 45 degree center fence plate, center line locator and square stop, motor fine adjustment, parts storage, toolkit and manual.