NG160 Mitering Head Bandsaw

Machine Information

The HE&M Saw / Femi NG160 mitering head band saw is excellent for the light to medium duty industrial user with its highly accurate cuts and large capacity. Its die cast aluminum construction of the entire saw’s base and head equates to a very lightweight, yet durable cutting platform.

The variable speed motor aids in cutting both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, while the 45 degree swiveling miter head makes miter cuts a breeze. Since the saw is a dry cutting saw, there is never any coolant to clean-up. The “New Generation” reverse blade rotation results in a 60% faster cutting than other saws with a similar capacity. An adjustable length stop is included for easily repeatable cuts.


  • Adjustable bar stop-rod for mass-produced cuts (L= 19 in.)
  • Handles for easy handling
  • Filter-circuit for electromagnetic interference damping according to normes.


  • Up to 40% faster cutting compared to the traditional bandsaw thanks to the opposite rotation direction of the bandsaw blade. (“NG SYSTEM”)
  • New blade tensioning device with clutch to check and adjust the proper tensioning of the blade
  • Cut without lubrication
  • Adjustable left cutting angle from 0° to 45°
  • Base with integrated quick sliding vise
  • Powerful 2.7 HP single-phase motor equipped with digital electronic speed regulator Constant Speed with amperometric limiting device
  • Anti-reset safety function
  • New ergonomic handgrip
  • Easy to carry
  • Quick blade changeover with no need of tools

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