Pipe KAT® – Pipe Welding Carriage – Rigid Track


Machine Information

Carriage features and benefits:

  • Linear or Radial Oscillation
  • Remote Voltage Adjustment
  • Motorized Width Adjustment
  • High Deposition Rate
  • Simple Setup
  • Easy to Use Controls
  • Gas and Water Cooled Models
  • Up to 2.5″ (6.35cm) Oscillation Width

The Pipe KAT® is a pipe welding carriage designed for orbital welding. It is an electrically powered track guided carriage that operates in the forward or reverse directions at precisely controlled speeds. The carriage operates on a track band made of durable aluminum extrusion by engaging the track with self-algining wheels and a rack and pinion drive. This wheel assembly uses a lever to engage that track making it very quick and simple to install the carriage.

The Pipe KAT® is a fully integrated welding system which comes with a wire feeder and wire spool holder.
Driven by a 24 VDC motor which feeds wire to the welding torch at precisely controlled speeds. The wire
spool holder accepts standard 8″/10 lbs (20.3 cm/4.5 kg) spools. A remote control pendant is provided to allow adjustment of the critical application parameters during the welding process including, oscillation width, speed,
dwells, wire feed speed and voltage adjustment.