KBM-18® Plate Beveller


Machine Information

Plate Bevelers, Self Propelled, Portable – KBM-18® produce clean machined bevels with no thermal distortion on mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum plate from 1/4″ (6.0 mm) to 1 1/2″ (38.1 mm) thick. Thinner material can be beveled… consult factory for details. The KBM-18® bevels the topside of plate reducing time and cost. Savings are further enhanced when the topside Beveler is used with the KBM-18U underside beveler in applications where both sides of the material require beveling.

Adjustable Undercarriage…For Easy Height Adjustment
The KBM-18® can be purchased with a adjustable height, self-aligning, spring-loaded caster wheel assembly for self propelled Beveling along any length of plate maintaining a uniform bevel and consistent root face. Undercarriage sold separate

Angle Bevel Pins…Enable Bevel Angle Adjustment
…KBM-18® units are supplied with a 30º angle bevel pin and can be supplied with bevel angle pins for 22 1/2º, 30º, 37 1/2º, 45º and 55º bevels. Pins for other bevel angles are available upon request.

KBM-18U Underside Beveling

The KBM-18U is perfect for beveling the underside of the plate without need for flipping the work piece over. In combination with the KBM-18 efficiency is greatly increased when Beveling both the top and bottom of the plate. Safety is also increased as there is no need for constant maneuvering of heavy workloads.

Operates at 10 feet (3 meters) per minute

KBM-18® can be supplied with the following standard equipment:
1- KBM-18-X1C Mild Steel Cutter
1- set Bevel Angle Pins for 22 1/2º, 30º, 37 1/2º, 45º and 55º
1- Tool Kit