KAT® II All Position Travel Carriage

Machine Information

This system* incorporates everything required to automate your cutting/ welding operations…quickly, easily, economically. It is comprised of the KAT® II travel carriage and rigid 8 ft. (2438mm) straight track and torch or gun holder assembly. The carriage travels in a forward or reverse direction (vertical or horizontal) on its track, moving the torch or welding gun along the pre-set path at precisely controlled speeds. The accuracy, uniformity and quality of the cut or weld is improved. Productivity is increased. Costs reduced. It is important to note that the KAT® II carriage is not designed to travel on radius roll formed track.

*The carriage and accessories that make up this system (see reverse) can also be purchased separately

and…you can easily convert your KAT®II into an excellent circle cutting machine

This Gullco accessory, comprised of undercarriage, radius arm and centering pin, eliminates the need for track. The travel carriage is readily fitted on the top of the undercarriage. Its drive system engages the undercarriage gears …moving the assembly in a forward or reverse direction at desired cutting speeds along a perfectly circular path. A slide lock on the radius arm allows fast, easy adjustment of the circular diameter.

The Gullco KAT®II Travel Carriage is combined with an appropriate series of accessories to provide either the Torch Cutting Package or Welding Package. The following briefly describes the KAT®II carriage:

KAT® II Carriage – Model GK-189-045
A light duty, all position variable speed travel carriage with electronic drive, dynamic braking and speed potentiometer providing infinite speed selection within the range of 2-45 ipm (5-114cm/min.). It is equipped with Forward/Reverse switch, Run/Stop switch, 1 amo, slow-blow fuse, and “power on” pilot light. The carriage is designed to run only on rigid, straight KAT® track. It has a vertical load capacity of 50 lbs. (23 kg.)

Safety is assured by the use of Gullco’s low voltage, (24 volt D.C) highly advanced control/ power supply system that is available in three line voltage inputs…42, 110, and 230 volt A.C single phase, 50/60 Hz. Specify line voltage required when ordering.

Model GK-184-200 Circle Cutting Accessory
Includes: Not Shown
– Equipped with gear assembly that is engaged and driven by carriage gear system. Also has a clutch that allows free-wheeling during set-up. Radius arm – 36″ long
– with slide/lock for diameter size adjustment.
Magnet/Holder for centering pin. (not shown in cover photo).