E.A.H.S – Electronic Arc Height Sensor

Machine Information

The E.A.H.S works by measuring welding current, comparing it to a target value that has been set by the operator and automatically adjusting the height of the welding gun to maintain the target welding current. The Model GK-203-400 is a standalone unit meaning it does not interface with the wire feeder. The arc activation trigger signal of the welding equipment that is used to start/stop the welding process must come from a separate piece of equipment, for example customer supplied control of other Gullco equipment. This advanced Electronic Arc Height Sensor package uses Gullco’s sophisticated, yet easy to operate remote pendant control, in conjunction with a 4″ linear slide assembly and current sensing control box, to provide precision arc height control during the welding process. Welding guns are readily mounted on the linear slide. This equipment is intended to automatically control the torch height throughout the welding process. The longitudinal movement can be obtained from either the work piece traveling while the linear remains stationary, or, by a travel carriage such as the Gullco KAT carriage carrying the E.A.H.S equipment down the length of the work piece which is the norm. Combining the welding gun height control with the precision controlled travel speed of the KAT carriage will allow high quality workmanship to be produced.