Precision CNC Machining in a Small Footprint.

The Gannomat ProTec CNC Machining Center is a compact CNC center for drilling, grooving, and routing. Designed for just-in-time manufacturing as well large batch production. Compact design and high-performance technology with through feed technique for cabinets, furniture, interior design and much more. Compact – Stronger – Faster.

The horizontal respectively horizontal workpiece transport and machining from below many advantages are given for the user, such as easy loading and unloading of very long and very heavy workpieces. Another point is that the workpiece weight is not distributed on one edge, but on the largest surface and the chips can be optimally extracted downwards.

The workpiece is transported by a massive and strong claw gripper. With our transport system, the workpiece thickness is set automatically and, depending on the application, no suction cups need to be assembled and disassembled, as with other CNC machines, which saves you set-up times.

Another advantage of ProTec is at the drilling, on the one hand by straightening the workpiece to straighten curved plates before drilling and herewith the precision e.g. on the case good and with the standard 21 drilling spindles all usual drilling work can be drilled in the fastest cycle time and grooving work is also carried out in one pass.

4-sided-formatting is possible with the Gannomat ProTec. Even more complex routing work e.g. in solid wood can be made easily. An optional, automatic tool changer always gets the right router tool, regardless of whether a diamond, decorative groove or profile router tool is required.

Workpieces with a width of up to 1 m (optionally 1,3 m) can be processed completely. In practice this is very important, because herewith also corner cabinets or e.g. tabe tops can be processed professionally.

Optional is the the additional package for processing Lamello P-System furniture connectors. Herewith the connector pockets for Lamello Clamex, Tenso, Divario and / or Medius are routed easily and fully automatically, as well as the necessary 6 mm hole for the Clamex is made. A software extension with a macro for the Lamello P-System for the front (3 edges) and surface (in X/Y respectively lengthways and crossways) routing is included in the package.

Through 3D graphics at the input masks of the machinings, programming is made even easier, especially for CNC beginners.

In addition to the standard air jet table, there is the possibility of choosing an even more gentle processing for sensitive surfaces.The space required of theProTec is only 3.3 m2, depending on the option.

Why Gannomat ProTec CNC Machining Center?

  • Small footprint requirement, less than 3,3 m2
  • Large (1000 or 1300 x 5600 x 60 mm) and small (60 x 250 x 6 mm) workpiece dimensions
  • Gentle workpiece handling by air jets (air jet table)
  • Precision through double laser measurement and workpiece straightening
  • Fast processing through 21/23 drilling spindles
  • 21/23 drilling spindles for zero setting times
  • Stable grooving unit till 8,3 mm saw blade width
  • Strong routing unit 5,5 kW (S1), option
  • Automatic tool changer for routing unit, option
  • Universal application in panel processing and solid wood processing
  • Space requirement 3.3 m²
  • 4 side part machining: router can process around all 4-sides of a panel.
  • Built in air table for smooth panel transfer
  • Vertical drilling precision with precision through double laser edge reading
  • Horizontal drilling precision with precision through workpiece straightening and the 4th axis at the drill-head
  • Vertical machining from underneath with known advantages of processing depth consistency as well as superior dust removal
  • User friendly PC interface with easy to program software
  • High accuracy of a CNC machine in a small footprint
  • CNC drilling, grooving, and routing all in one machine

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