Precision dowel drilling, gluing, and inserter machine saves time and increases accuracy.

The Gannomat Index Logic CNC Dowel Inserter controlled point-to-point drilling, gluing and dowel inserting machine for variable programming of boring patterns. This machine concept is specially developed for just-in-time manufacturing as well as large batch production for case goods, drawers, frame parts, solid wood rails and more.

Why Gannomat Index Logic CNC Dowel Inserter?

  • Engineered for precision, speed, and reliability, the Index Logic is the ideal complement to your nesting CNC router. The fast cycle times and flexible operation are ideal for both small and large batch production.
  • With its simple to use touch screen interface, the operator can program right at the machine or retrieve set programs from a network. Programs can be stored for immediate recall, which offers the utmost flexibility to production operations.
  • Gannomat is synonymous with durability & precision. With fine attention to detail and the use of top-quality components, the Index Logic is a fast and precise dowel inserting machine that can keep up with your busy production requirements.

Available in two versions:
INDEX LOGIC 70: 700mm worktable with 2 production zones.
INDEX LOGIC 130: 1300mm worktable with 4 production zones.

  • CNC offers absolute precision & flexibility of hole and dowel locations
  • Simple user software with touch screen interface can be networked and outfitted with optional barcoding scanner
  • Smart GIC glue control ensures glue is inserted into the hole
  • Using glue provides a superior bond over using pre-glued dowels
  • Variable glue volume control to ensure optimum bonding results
  • Robust machine design with one piece weldment of the table & linear guideway ensures high accuracy, repeatability, and durability
  • Fast production cycles with precision helical X-axis rack and pinion drive
  • Simple cleaning operation with water selection switch
  • Perfect addition to a nested based CNC router production cell

dowel construction

When one is considering the many methods of case good assembly, a number of factors are considered. The durability of the joint would be one main consideration. Speed of manufacturing and assembly would be another critical point. And last but not least are accuracy/tolerance.