Simplified Small Batch Turning.

Designed by toolmakers for toolmakers, the Fryer ET-TR Series Toolroom Lathes provide rugged construction and high accuracy in a compact toolroom lathe. The Easy Turn is easier to use than a conventional lathe yet offers the productivity of a CNC. Time consuming manual set-ups for threading, chamfers, and contours are eliminated by the Easy Turn’s handle driven “Do One” cycles and electronic stops. Multi-mode operations allow manual use, semi-auto use and full CNC operation. This flexibility is perfect for repair shops, tool and die, prototype and job shops alike.

Why Fryer ET-TR Series Toolroom Lathes?

  • Manual, Semi-CNC or Full-CNC Modes
  • Easier to use than conventional lathes
  • Handle driven “Do One” cycles eliminates manual set ups
  • Perfect for prototype, repair, job shop and toolroom
  • Manual mode with dual handles
  • “Do One” semi-automatic mode
  • Simple menu programming mode
  • 3D graphic verification
  • Standard G code programming
  • Handwheel run mode
  • Hardened and ground ways with Turcite B liners
  • Two speed auto-shift gear box
  • C3 grade double nut ball screws with class 7 bearings
  • Precision ground C3 grade double nut ballscrews provide incredible 0.0002” accuracy for the most demanding jobs
  • Heavy duty headstock features an auto shift gear that provides high torque and high speed. All gears are balanced for smooth high speed operation
  • A dry sump lubrication system is standard on all ET lathes. It features a separate oil tank that is located away from the headstock to keep the oil cool
  • Features a rugged one piece base casting for added rigidity. Made from thermally stable Meehanite cast iron, it also contains coolant and chips with the integrated chip pan and flood coolant
  • Hand scraped Turcite B on all friction surfaces including gibs. Metered oil system delivers precise lubrication and features a low lube alarm
  • Extra wide belt is constructed from FC-30 Meehanite cast iron and features extra ribbing that increases rigidity
  • High quality manual tailstock features a precision honed body, chrome plated quill, quill lock, and graduated dial


Akhurst Machinery Group, a distinguished leader in the North American machinery industry, is excited to announce a significant milestone in their longstanding strategic partnership with Marinus Machinebouw, as they are selected as the exclusive distributor of Marinus for North America.

Akhurst Machinery Group, a prominent player in the North American machinery industry, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Modular Building Automation (MBA), a Dutch company specializing in machinery for prefabricated homes, modular buildings, and offsite construction solutions. MBA, a joint venture of the renowned companies J.J. Smith in the UK and Ireland and H&M headquartered in the Netherlands, is involved in the design, manufacturing, distribution, and worldwide sales of MBA equipment.

Akhurst Machinery Group, a prominent player in the machinery industry, proudly announces a strategic partnership with Stromab SPA, an Italian manufacturer of innovative crosscutting solutions. This collaboration signifies a major commitment by both companies to bring cutting-edge technology and comprehensive solutions to the North American market. Akhurst Machinery Group, the parent company behind the well-known brands of Cantek and Leadermac USA, will leverage Stromab SPA’s expertise in crosscutting solutions to enhance its offerings in North America.