Flipper Beam Rotator & Column Positioner

Ocean Flipper Beam Rotator Metalworking Material Handling

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Turning, Flipping and Positioning Beams the Easy Way

The Ocean Flipper Beam Rotator is a simple and unique material handling component, that was originally designed to fit within the material support tables of the Ocean Avenger and other single-spindle drill lines, or other types of steel processing equipment where turning and positioning of profiles is required.

The Flipper reduces the demand on the overhead cranes, leaving this valuable resource free to move other items while the Flipper rotates beams on the Avenger.

On a single-spindle drill line, the Ocean Flipper can rotate large and heavy beams and columns, and positions them up to the datum blocks in order to drill the different faces (top flange, bottom flange and web) without the need for an overhead crane or other lifting device and without any additional labor to assist with manual flipping and positioning.

Despite being designed for single spindle drills, many Ocean Flippers are used purely as a beam flipping resource to speed up welding tables, where much time is lost waiting for an overhead crane to rotate a beam


The Ocean Flipper is the most popular beam flipping device because it

  • Saves time, money and effort in turning and positioning material
  • Eliminates the need to tie up overhead cranes or forklifts
  • Eliminates the need for labor assistance in material handling
  • Minimizes operator fatigue from heavy lifting and excessive walking back and forth
  • Ensures easy profile alignment to drill / processing line datum blocks
  • Keeps welders welding and not standing idle waiting for the crane
  • Maximizes operator safety

The Ocean Flipper Beam Rotator works with:

  • All single spindle drill lines including the Ocean Avenger CNC Beam Drill Line, Ocean Avenger PLUS Multifunction Drill Line, Ficep 1001D Drill Line, Ficep Victory 11 Drill Line, Ficep Excalibur Drill Line, the Voortman V600 Drill Line, as well as Haco DrillFlex DF1100 Drill Line and others
  • Any fitting / welding operation where profiles need to be rotated for welding attachments
  • Any saw line, shot blast line or painting operation where beams need turning prior to the next stage