Express S2 Double Hinge Inserter

Machine Information

  • Left-sided drilling/inserting station is fixed.
  • Right-sided drilling/inserting station is easily moveable by hand on profile liner bearings, and is pneumatically locked at the designated position.
  • Fast cycle time of 4-seconds for drilling and inserting 2 or 1 hinge
  • Adjustment of the measurement between the drilling/inserting stations is determined by scale and/or pre-positioned program stops.
  • Safety control with metal detector to prevent drilling into pre-inserted hinges.
  • Precise setting of side stops and edge adjustment by scale.
  • Drilling depth set by mechanical digital counter.
  • Profile linear bearing guideways for drilling and inserting operation.
  • Pneumatic brake with fast advance and controlled drilling speed for chip-free drilling and quick cycle time.
  • Magazine conveniently angled to facilitate loading from the front of the machine during operating cycle.
  • Quick change of dies and magazines for different hinge makes and models.
  • Full automatic self-diagnostic PLC machine operation.
  • Starting of the drilling/inserting cycle by manual start buttons, selectable at either station.