Express S1 Single Hinge Inserter

Machine Information

  • Rigid steel base construction.
  • Integrated drilling and inserting unit.
  • Standard 4-spindle drill head with high-speed spindle chucks.
  • Pneumatic brake for chip free drilling.
  • Automatic feeding and inserting of hinges by magazine and inserting die.
  • Cycle time approximately 5 seconds for drilling AND inserting.
  • Lighted program selector buttons for drilling only, or drilling and inserting modes.
  • Maintenance-free inserting die guides.
  • Drilling from below with the well-known advantages.
  • Exhaust device with 100mm diameter connection.
  • Magazine can also be loaded during operation cycle from the front because magazine is angled to the front.
  • Quick-change magazine and inserting die.
  • Fully automatic maintenance-free TELEMECANIQUE electronic control, (Self-diagnostic program).
  • One basic stop ruler with 2 tilt stops.
  • Two 1000mm extension rulers with 1 latch stop each.