Elite 25/50 Dowel Inserter

Machine Information


  • Precision horizontal boring unit with 25 spindles at pitch 32mm.
  • Standard configuration includes (8) dowel inserting units for 8mm diameter dowels


  • Same as the ELITE 25 but with a Precision Vertical boring unit with 25 spindles at pitch 32mm drilling from below for dowel or fitting holes.
  • Pneumatic up and down movement of the drilling/inserting unit on double end linear guides by profile linear bearings and torsion bar stabilizer.
  • Precision dowel inserting unit with (2) powerful cylinders with end-to-end stabilizer assuring best stability throughout the entire length of the inserting unit.
  • With modification kits different dowel diameters can be used; 6/8/10/12mm, 25-50mm length.
  • Dowel diameters and length control prevents insertion of any oversize (+ 2mm) dowels.
  • Gannomat quick change chucks with easy access to drill spindles for fast tool changeover.
  • Dowel inserting units are easily and accurately moved into position with spring loaded indexing pins.
  • Side fences, boring and inserting depth, and height position set by precision digital counters.
  • Three program position of side fences for frequently used boring patterns.
  • Glue System
  • Completely closed 6-bar glue system eliminates hardening of the glue in the nozzle and the need for routine cleaning of the glue system.
  • Electronically controlled glue amount, variably adjustable.
  • Fully automatic maintenance-free electronic control with self-diagnostic program.
  • Electronically controlled mirror image program with control lights for indicating right or left sided side stop.
  • 5 stage selector switch for different applications;

A. Tool change/cleaning
B. Drilling
C. Gluing
C,D. Gluing and Inserting
B,C,D. Drilling, Gluing and Inserting

  • Fully automatic drilling and dowel inserting machine for simultaneous drilling, gluing and dowel inserting.