CP40 Universal Roll Benders

Machine Information

Our Solid Steel Main Frames, CNC Machined then Stress Relieved are the heaviest in the industry and eliminate troublesome castings. CP40’s do not require external shaft tie bars when bending heavy sections. We offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty on our main frames. Hydraulic versions have our MPR-40 Auto-Repeat Controls with 40-position memory capacity for repetitious jobs. All CP40 Models have Large, High-Brightness LED Readouts to monitor the bending roll position. Large Format Controls are easy to use and protected from harsh shop conditions by a Tough Polycarbonate Overlay.

All Benders Work in Both Vertical and Horizontal Positions (ie. long parts w/ large bends in horizontal or easily change to vertical for short parts). Our Standard Universal Roll Set of 18 Components is manufactured from Hardened Tool Steel 55HRC so you can roll-bend most all standard profiles the day your machine arrives. Roll set-up fast and easy. They rapidly fit onto 1.57” O.D. Hardened Steel Shafts journaled in Large Dual Tapered Roller Bearings.

The Patented Z-Block Top Journal Increases Rigidity for truer to plane rolling and moves on 4 Hardened/Sinterized Guides & Ways with Dual Adjustable Gibbs. Heavy Duty Lateral Material Guides have quadruple bearings on the rollers and are the easiest to use. Large Thrust Adjustment Studs have Knurling for quick hand adjustment and a recessed hex tail for a ratchet when under extreme loading.

Additional unmatched benefits include Dual Foot Pedal Controls for left/right – forward/reverse rolling with Steel Protective Covers, flexible accordion ‘anti-pinch’ Mill Scale Covers, Concealed Oil Lines on the ram that cannot be damaged by accident, Dual Emergency Stop Buttons (1 on machine + 1 on console), Safe 24-VAC Control Voltage, completely Flush Mounted Electrical Panels are safer out of harms way in your shop environment, large Easy Access Tool Storage Compartment located in the machine base, Mobile Control Console allows safe operator distance from the work-piece, Top Name OEM Components are non- proprietary and available worldwide.