CP30E Universal Roll Benders

Machine Information

The Classic CP30E, is a 3 Roll, Pyramid Style, Universal Section Bending Machine with Tilting Head for Horizontal & Vertical Operation, Powered Rotation for forward/reverse rolling by Foot Pedal Controls and an 18 Piece Universal Tooling Set in 55 HRC hardened tool steel that will roll most standard profiles the day your machine arrives. Each machine now has a thicker and heavier main frame, dual powered shafts, new lateral material guides with dual rake angle settings and easy ratchet type thrust adjustment when under heavy loading.

Our Patented Z-Block Top Journal moves on 4 Hardened Guides & Ways with Adjustable Gibbs for Maximum Rigidity, Truer to Plane Rolling, Longer Machine Life and Lower Maintenance. Track your top roll position for repeat bending using the unique linear scale and the additional radial fine adjustment scale designed for high precision.

Lower motorized shafts use knurled tooling to optimize traction on tough jobs. The idle top shaft uses smooth surfaced rollers. The top roll position adjusts easily to set your bending radius.

Additional unmatched benefits include Flush Electrical Panels, E-Stops, Low Voltage Controls 24-VAC and Magnetic/Thermal Overload Protection for Enhanced Safety, Combination Horizontal & Vertical Operation, wider, compact stable bases, CNC Machined Heavy main Frames and professional fit & finish on every machine. Compare and make the best decision for your shop.