DT-521 Stop Stitcher

Machine Information

The Stop Stitcher will apply a mitered or butt jointed stop to the jamb using your choice of crown staples or finish nails. The DT-521 Stitcher is a front nailer, attaching the stop by shooting a crown staple or finish nail through the top of the stop into the jamb. The DT-521 is typically used in a finger joint or MDF jamb/stop application. This machine is ideal for low to middle volume door shops that want to improve the quality and efficiency of the stop application process.

The DT-521 Stop Stitcher has been improved over similar model stitchers by automating the firing of the two staple or nail guns, and adding components to the machine that secure the stop. This helps achieve a more accurate placement of the stop on the jamb.

Features Include:

  • Consistently attaches the stop in a uniform pattern, which will improve quality and appearance of the jamb leg.
  • Only uses two guns, compared to other models of similar production capability, which makes them easier to reload.
  • Automatically accommodates for different jamb width, no adjustments are necessary.
  • Easy adjustment on the head assembly for different jamb thickness, this will decrease downtime between any changeover.
  • The DT-521 can easily be put on casters and moved when not in use,  allowing for more shop space.