Low cost edgebander return conveyor.

The Doucet XPRS Return Conveyor’s low cost and smaller footprint make it the perfect choice of small to medium size cabinet makers.

The XPRS Return is specially designed to be used with smaller edgebanders. Its low cost and tiny footprint make it a perfect choice for small to medium size cabinet makers. At last an Edgebander Return that will carry your business to a higher level of profitability, even in a part-time operation.

Why Doucet XPRS Return Conveyor?

  • Available in right or left hand return configuration
  • Features 24″ or 36″ wide receiving modules and return conveyors
  • Standard module length is 60″, return length is proportionate to the length of the edgebander
  • Power requirement is 110 volts – single phase – 15 amps service, no compressed air is required
  • PVC Rollers are individually driven by welded urethane belts
  1. Feed rollers, driven by a variable speed motor, from 0 to 60 ft/min, guide the part onto the receiving module.
  2. A set of top rollers prevents larger panels from tipping down while entering the receiving module.
  3. Polymer belts side-shift the panels to the return rollers quickly and efficiently.
  4. The return rollers are 2″ lower than the pass height of the edgebander, so that parts can travel in opposite directions without interference.
  5. The transfer process occurs on a continuous basis.

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Edgebanders tend to be one of the more complex machines to operate in a woodworking shop, and their performance has a vital impact on the quality of your finished product. Proper machine setup, maintenance, and cleaning play a major role in achieving the best edgebanding results. Below are some basic tips that can greatly reduce the downtime you experience on your edgebander and keep it producing quality components.