EBP Enclosure Box Stroke Belt Sander

Machine Information

The EBP Enclosure Box Stroke Belt Polisher includes special features designed for sanding of welded edges or polishing surfaces on metal enclosure boxes.

Box size capacities vary from 4″x4″x3″ deep to 72″x48″x20″ deep. Maximum weight capacity for the enclosure box is 250 pounds.


  • Abrasive belts 4″ wide by 284” length at 4550 FPM, belt return in a triangle shape to allow safe access to sanding belts with manual holding pads
  • Pneumatic belt tensioner with linear guides, adjustable pressure by air regulator
  • Multiple axis arm to hold enclosure box by the means of vacuum cups
  • Vertical movement of the multiple axis arm powered by electrical motor at a speed of 1″ per second
  • Oversized traveling bar with one pressure contact wheel carriage
  • Manual graphite pad to apply pressure and twist belt to smooth edges