Designed to prehang factory or shop pre-beveled doors.

The Dotul NOMAD DT-400 Prehung Door Machine is designed to pre-hang and pre-fit already beveled doors from 1-6 to 4-0 by 9-0 length with thickness from 1 3/8”, 1 ¾” and even 2 ¼”.  It has all the same features as the Maverick except for the beveling unit.

Dotul NOMAD DT400 Prehung Door Machine

Why Dotul NOMAD DT-400 Prehung Door Machine?

  • Applicable for entry-level shops or large shops wanting an additional work cell to assist in streamlining production using pre-beveled doors.
  • Designed for versatility and flexibility.
  • The frame is shorter to allow for a smaller shop footprint.
  • Built tough like all DOTUL products, the NOMAD is simple in design and functionality.
  • Automatic width indexing and lock and latch boring functions.
  • Does not require handheld tools, jigs or fixtures to machine doors or jambs.
  • Based on customer feedback, we have incorporated features that allow the NOMAD to be used as a mobile unit.
  • Exclusively uses Maverick door machine parts and components.
  • A smart and affordable choice compared to other door machines on the market today.
  • Centralized control panel – Reduces steps and increases operator accessibility to the controls.
  • Easily machine a narrow sidelite – Easily insert rollers that hold a 1-0, 1-2 or 1-4 sidelite in the correct position eliminating the need and hassle of blocking the sidelite.
  • Enhanced dust collection – Round dust collection piping is channeled to all cutting areas, reducing the chances of cookies getting stuck and affecting the efficiency of the dust collection.
  • Heavy duty frame construction – Reduces the chance of the machinery twisting or being damaged. Forklift pockets and dual pickup points make the machine easy to move and reposition for different shop layouts.
  • Finite width indexing – Fast or slow width adjustments made easily from the centralized control panel.
  • 5-Position jamb clamping – Allows for machining of 3-0 and 4-0 jamb lengths and helps straighten longer 6-8 to 9-0 jambs prior to machining for the hinge pocket.
  • Automatic operations – Automatic lock and latch drilling, face plate routing & hinge routing for door and jamb.
  • Smaller footprint – The NOMAD dimensions are less than 15′ x 4′ to allow for a smaller shop footprint.
  • Mobile – The NOMAD can be configured to be a mobile unit.
  • Affordable – The NOMAD is cost competitive compared to most new vertical door machines on the market.
  • Butt router motor – 1 3/4 HP Dewalt 616.

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