CS Series Cut-Off Saws

Machine Information

  • Heavy duty hold down adjustment
  • Heavy duty aluminum saw guard
  • Aluminum horizontal and backside chipbreaker
  • Heavy duty arbor weldment will stabilize the saw to produce a smooth and accurate cut
  • Heavy duty frame ¼” thick steel
  • Arbor belts can be change easily and quickly without disturbing the arbor and its bearings
  • Mechanical clutch offers a sooth cutting action
  • Cycle speeds available to meet the application. Standard speed of 133 cycles/miin. Other speeds available are 66, 94, 149 and 211 cycles/min. The slower the speed, the finer and smoother the cut
  • Maintenance has easy access to the machine by either opening the top or removing the machine’s rear panel
  • Starter sized to be used with either 230 or 460 volt. A simple heater and wire connection change needed for voltage modification
  • Primary and secondary fusing for the transformer
  • Terminal stripe in the electrical enclosure to make it easier for maintenance to make connections and trouble shoot