Machine Information

The Cleveland Punch and Die Company is the world leading manufacturer of punches and dies. Since 1880 we have dedicated ourselves to the punching needs of the steel fabricator both in the heavy plate and light sheet metal gauge materials. Dollar for dollar our tools provide More Holes Per Dollar.

Cleveland Punch & Die has the industry’s largest stock inventory of punches, dies, shear blades and related components. In addition to punches and dies, our product line includes shear blades, oversize attachments and other related components for your hydraulic and mechanical ironworkers. CPD takes pride in the fact that we engineer, manufacture, heat treat and inspect all of our products in-house from start to finish. This is key in maintaining consistency and superior quality in everything that we manufacture.

The Cleveland Punch & Die Company has our own proprietary steel melted specifically for us. The tooling that you receive from us is guaranteed to be consistent quality tool after tool.

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