Q Series – High Precision Linear Drive Wire EDM

Machine Information

High Precision-Gantry TYPE Linear Motor Drive Wire Cut

CHMER Q Series are Gantry style linear motor EDMs with moving wire in X, Y, U, V and Z and a fixed table for improved accuracy with fewer passes, built-in Collision Protection and a smaller footprint.

Global pioneer gantry moving structure design

Innovative “No Back Seal Plate” design improves cutting accuracy by eliminating lower arm deflection and more importantly, eliminates back seal plate maintenance. No more back seals to replace!

Highly efficient In-House Linear Motor drive system

Linear Motors with linear scales lead a complete close loop. Linear Drive obtains many advances such like backlash-free, perfect accurate positioning as well as long life span.

New G6 energy saving power supply

The exclusively power saving technology, ESL, can reduce the power consumption up to over 20%. In addition, it can stabilize voltage, enhance machining reliability and accuracy.

High precision temperature control system

Fully enclosed work area with inverter controlled water chiller controls working temperature to ±3 degrees Celsius and reduces energy consumption.

0.07mm Dia. Wire AWT system

Patented in-house Auto Wire Threading (AWT) can thread 0.07mm Dia. Wire. Beside more simple and concise AWT mechanism can effectively reduce the building cost, failure rate so as to the frequency of maintenance