Conventional CM Series Drilling EDMS

Machine Information

  • Drill Small & Deep Holes on Extra Hard Steel, Alloy,  Metallizer, Powder Metallurgy and on Metals that Ordinary Drilling Machine Unable to work on.
  • Make Starting Holes for Wire -Cutting.


  • Drill small diameter holes through hardened tool steel and carbide.
  • Depth to diameter ratios>100(i.e.,.020 dia.>2″ deep.)
  • Enter on curved or angled surfaces.
  • Dielectric is distilled water.
  • 3-axis DROs.
  • Edge finding and hole center finding.
  • Inch/ metric switchable.
  • Z depth programmable.
  • 99 built-in power settings plus operator programmed power settings (s-codes).
  • Standard Accessories
  • Guide Dia.1.0 mm x1
  • Electrode Brass Tube Dia. 1.0x400mmx10
  • Insert Rubbers Dia. 1.0mmx3
  • Guide Dia. 0.5mmx1
  • Insert rubbers dia. 0.5mmx3
  • Electrode Brass Tube Dia. 0.5x400mmx10
  • Tool Box x1
  • Paint Spare x1
  • Machine Pad x3
  • Flushing Pipe x1
  • Filter x1
  • Flushing Nozzlex1
  • Air Fast Connector x1
  • Set of Allen Spanner x1
  • Handle for Filtercap x1


  • ER spindle
  • CE conformity
  • Door Tank(Submerge)