FSG-C1224CNC CNC Creepfeed and Profile Grinder

Machine Information

The FSG-C1224CNC heavy-duty, high-precision, high-efficiency, multipurpose CNC creepfeed and profile grinder features a 30HP spindle motor. The series features a wheelhead traverse on Turcite-B laminated guideways that are driven by a precision ballscrew, providing excellent rigidity and precise positioning. Column travels on linear guideway system deliver precise positioning and high rigidity and foster smooth movement of the machine. The integrated machine structure, with well-designed ribs, is
suitable for heavy-duty creepfeed grinding.

Advanced grinding cycles such as surface, plunge, pitch, side, profile, form, index and creepfeed significantly enhance the machine’s versatility.

Precision ballscrew and an AC servo motor provide precise table positioning to achieve optimum speeds for creepfeed grinding.

  • 2-Axes CNC
  • FANUC CNC Control
  • Table size: 12″ x 24″
  • Hydraulic driven X-Axis
  • Column sliding
  • Rated power: 56HP, opt. 76HP
  • Spindle drive speed: 500 ~ 3,500rpm