FSG-ADIII Series Automatic Surface Grinder

Machine Information

The FSG-ADIII series features a new user-friendly touch-screen control with standard surface grinding programs and a plunge grinding cycle. There is also an optional crisscross or zigzag and a CBN dressing cycle. So simple and user-friendly, all skill levels can operate this series of ADIII controllers.

The fully automatic grinding mode consists of rough- and fine-grinding cycles, switching from rough-grinding down-feed increments to fine-grinding down-feed increments at preset points during the cycle. This crossfeed also switches from a rough to fine cross-feed increment, which results in a finer surface finish and finer accuracy.

  • No more cycle stops or prepping the wheel
  • Faster cycle times
  • Chevalier control: touch screen
  • 3-Axes Fully Automatic
  • Table size: up to 16″W x 40″L
  • Auto. dressing and compensation optional
  • Elevation is driven by servo motor
  • 3-Axes needle roller way
  • Max. grinding sizes: up to 16″ x 40″
  • Spindle power: up to 10 HP, greater spindle HP available