ALFA 4 Axis NC Milling Machine for Joinery Components and Doors


Machine Information

NC milling machine with 3 controlled and interpolated axis specifically for doors, frames, and panel processing such as housing locks, hinges, pommels, plates, drilling for handle, keyhole, window frames, shutters, components of stairs and furniture in general.

Thanks to the possibility to configure a fourth controlled axis more a drilling and screw device, the machine allows the operator to program and machining the insertion of anuba hinges (with automatic loader) on door and frame. Developed with the latest technical solutions, the machine is fully electronically organized with brushless motors, ball recirculating screws and with ball recirculating linear guides. Directly from the electronic control “touch screen”, the operator can realize or import (via USB port) work programs in a simple and intuitive way using pre-installed macros to perform accurate milling. The change of working process is extremely quick. A simple and guided procedure allows quick calibration of the axes to ensure maximum precision machining. Each specific tool with all its features is stored on electronic control, to be used in the most various processes. The machine is also very heavy and compact.