CD-305 Linear Spray Machine

Machine Information

The Cantek CD305 auto linear spraying machine allows the automatic in line spraying of lacquers & stains on mouldings, picture frames, door, window & furniture components up to 305mm wide.  The wide spraying booth contains 6 spray guns that are automatically timed by photocells to minimize material usage and waste. A PLC control system, equipped with LCD display, checks all the machine functions and setup.

  • 6 High Quality, Gold River Spray Guns which are controlled by individual air pressure regulators
  • PLC control for easy operation and set up
  • Fast spraying processing for profile strips & edges
  • The spray guns are controlled by photocell sensor for auto spray time and amount of spray – saves material
  • Easy cleaning of guns with independent valve systems
  • Internal components manufactured out of stainless steel
  • Powerful collection fan for air purification through filter
  • Totally enclosed Cabinet to minimize pollution with forced air unit
  • Paint recycling unit included for collecting and reusing overspray.
  • Variable feed speed control from 33~100 FPM (higher feed speed available upon request)
  • Convenient rack & pinion lateral adjustment of the spray guns
  • Paper filters are used on both sides of roller conveyer which is in the spray chamber & a fiber glass filter is used on the back side of spray chamber to ensure a clean machine & clean air
  • Machine can be used for water based or UV coating material (solvent based product)