A sander that is not only capable, but thrives in multiple shift environments.

The Cantek PS52DA 51″ Widebelt Sander combines a solid machine frame with unparalleled machine features resulting in superior sanding quality & reliability.  The dual sanding heads result in less passes through the sander resulting in increased efficiency and throughput.  The first sanding head is a steel contact drum with superior calibration capacities and durability.  The second head consists of a versatile combination head with rubber contact drum and adjustable sanding platen to perform further calibration or finish sanding with finer sanding grits.  The 75” long belts allow for longer runs between belt changes.   The quick setting digital thickness control allows for accurate, automatic adjustment of the table for precise sanding results.

Why Cantek PS52DA 51″ Widebelt Sander?

  • Heavy duty construction with upgraded horsepower for production use
  • Dual sanding heads for increased productivity
  • First sanding head is steel with superior calibration results while the second head is a combination unit with adjustable platen for calibration and finish sanding capabilities
  • Accurate digital thickness control to 0.001” (0.026mm) resolution
  • Micro sanding drum height adjustments with dial indicators
  • Caliper thickness setting unit for fast setup to your workpiece
  • Heavy duty welded steel frame with cast iron sanding head assemblies for vibration free sanding.
  • Dual rubber covered pressure rollers on infeed and outfeed for consistent material hold down.
  • High quality rubber conveyor with automatic pneumatic belt tracking
  • Extended infeed bed with two table rollers
  • Table is adjusted using four heavy duty jack screws driven by robust chain system.
  • Automatic caliper thickness setting
  • Electronic sanding belt tracking
  • Pneumatic belt tensioning & quick release outboard support for fast belt changes
  • Automatic disc brakes for the sanding heads allows for fast belt changeover
  • Safety switches on all access doors.
  • High quality Schneider electrical controls and Comozzi pneumatic valves


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Widebelt sanding is a critical stage in wood preparation before and during the finishing process. Often poor sanding results do not show up until it is too late and you have finished the material. Knowing what issues to look for and how to remedy them in advance will save you both time and money by eliminating costly rework and defects.

sander maintenance

Providing regular maintenance on your wide belt sander can help mitigate small problems from turning into larger ones. These issues can often cause a halt to production and lead to costly delays.