Continuous through feed end matcher producing tongue and groove on flooring & paneling.

The Cantek EM12 End Matcher is specially designed for machining tongue and groove (with or without bevels) on hardwood flooring and wall/ceiling paneling up to 12” wide. Its compact design with continuous through feed system allows for maximum output in a small space.  Equipped with a user-friendly touch screen interface allow for simple operation with excellent performance and error diagnostics.  The dual counter-rotating cutterheads produce both the tongue and groove simultaneously ensuring a perfect match.  The anti-tear-out blocks and counter rotation of the heads ensure optimum cut quality without chipping or blowout.  The insert style segmented cutterheads can be adjusted according to your desired tongue / groove thickness and can perform a micro-bevel or not. The variable speed infeed conveyor, variable feed speed, and variable cross-cutting speed allow the operator full control according to the type and size of material being run.  The innovative clamps allow for simultaneous top and side clamping to ensure pieces are perfectly square for consistent end matching results.

For added productivity the EM12 End Matcher can be installed in-line with our CFS100 Automatic Defect Cutoff Chop Saw to perform defecting and end matching in a single line.  This greatly reduces the handling while increasing output with defect free flooring or paneling.

Why Cantek EM12 End Matcher?

  • Capable of processing end matching on flooring or paneling up to 12” wide x 1.38” thick
  • Through-feed system allows the tongue and groove to be cut simultaneously on the tail of one board and the leading edge of the next board
  • Powerful dual 10HP cutterhead motors allow for maximum cutting rate no matter the width, thickness, or species of the wood
  • Stackable insert knife cutterheads allow for perfect matching of tongue and groove thickness
  • Variable cross-cutting feed speed and anti-tear-out blocks produce optimum finish quality on tongue and groove
  • Minimal floor space required with through feed design
  • User friendly PLC control touch screen can keep track of total linear feet cut as well as piece count
  • Production capacity of 77 lineal feet per minute based on average of 6.5’ board
  • Variable speed through-feed system is controlled by frequency inverter
  • Powered top urethane rolls and spring-loaded bed rollers feed the material into position for processing
  • Pneumatic side pressure system ensures the material is held square against the fence
  • Capable of processing material as short as 12” to an unlimited length
  • Cutterheads are stacked and fully adjustable with replaceable and rotatable insert knives
  • Cutterheads are equipped with removable micro bevel insert cutter section for bevel or square flooring / paneling
  • 118” powered infeed table with angled rolls ensure material is fed up against the infeed fence
  • 87” outfeed slide table allows board to slide out of the way while the next board comes through to be processed resulting in continuous production
  • Chrome table ensures maximum wear resistance
  • Complete safety and noise reduction enclosure
  • Added feature of inverter-controlled infeed conveyor allows you to slow the infeed speed when dealing with heavy boards


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