Model 400 Series Slotting Machines

Machine Information

Versions:  2AC – 3AC

Longitudinal Travel Horizontal Travel Turntable Ram Axis
 NC Controlled
Axis Y
 NC Controlled
Axis X
 NC Controlled
Axis Y
NC Controlled
Axis X
NC Controlled
Axis A

Precision machining  and operational flexibility are features incorporated in our Slotting Machines  400 and 400(500) , and the result of years of technical expertise and experience in this market combined with valid suggestions on improvement from some of our most demanding customers.

MACHINE STRUCTURE:  manufactured from electric arc welded sheet metal of robust thickness, adequately ribbed and heat treated for internal stress relieving.

HEAD and RAM: G30 quality grade cast-iron.  Ram guides are induction tempered and ground.  The travelways on the head are coated with an anti-friction material (PTFE), ground and scraped.
The ram is driven by a self-braking asynchronous motor,  reduction gear unit and crank assembly.  Ram travel (stroke) is manually adjusted using the cam on the handwheel.
The head tilts 20°, both clockwise and anti-clockwise, and moves on a worm screw assembly which allows for precision positioning when machining conical slots.

RECTANGULAR TABLE  for model  2AC: quality grade cast-iron with ground and scraped travelways coated with an anti-friction material (PTFE).  Wide central hole to floor designed for machining long shafts.

TURNTABLE  (axis A) for model  3AC: quality grade cast-iron with wide central through hole designed for machining long shafts.
Travel guides on the table and support are coated with an anti-friction material (PTFE), ground and scraped.  Table rotation is driven by a worm screw-sprocket assembly (the worm screw is steel quality 18 NCM 5 hardened and ground and the sprocket is  bronze quality B14) which incorporates a micrometric backlash recovery system.   Maintenance free  support guide thanks to an automatic greasing system.  Computer controlled compressed-air driven rotation lock system during machining.
Longitudinal (Y) and horizontal AXES (X):   the table, for models 2AC and 3AC,  moves on a ground and enclosed recirculating ball screw assembly.

a timer controlled pump lubrication system.  When the oil level drops below the minimum level machining stops automatically and an alarm prompt is activated.

COOLING SYSTEM:  closed circuit system driven by a centrifugal electro-pump and a pull-out and removable swarf collection tray is positioned below the table for easy access.

  sheet metal and Plexiglas folding enclosure with front panel doors for easy access when the overhead crane positions the workpiece.
Microswitch safety feature, in conformity with safety directives in force, is fitted to the enclosure to prevent opening during machining.

ELECTRICS:  Each axis is driven by a brushless motor and servo-drive with NC control. The NC control system allows easy machine programming including machining  complex workpieces.  Electrics and wiring conform to the stringent safety directives and standards