Solutions for a whole processing system.

The Bodor R Series coil cutting machine features with integration of automatic uncoiling, leveling, feeding and cutting to ensure the continuity of processing and production, improving processing efficiency. Flow line production and batch processing reduce labour intensity and save manpower. Full enclosure design with compact structure, higher safety and environmental protection during operation; flexible processing and application.

Why the Bodor R Series Fully Automated Coiled Sheet Fiber Laser Product Line?

  • Automatic feeding of coil material, continuous cutting and batch processing improve processing efficiency and reduce labour intensity
  • Automatic unloading and intelligent palletizing
  • Full protection cover
  • Integrated steel mold pressure casting, light, flexible, and efficient

Expert High Speed Cutting Database
Fast air cutting efficiency increases by 37% when cutting carbon steel.

Active Anti-collision Function
Fiber laser heads are able to detect jutting obstacles to effectively reduce the damage rate and save the maintenance cost of a laser cutter.

No Quiver when Cutting Thin Sheet
The cutting process works even at the edge of thin sheets, and ensures no chatter marks.

Automated Loading
Equipped with the hydraulic trolley, the cutting machine provides automated feeding of coils in no need for manual work.

Welded Bed with Mortise-and-tenon Joint
Each frame of the cutting machine bed is welded after mortise-and-tenon joint to achieve perfect mechanical property and better stability and firmness.

Stretching Aluminum Crossbeam
Ultra-high-pressure stretching process and lightweight design; Rigidity increases by 60% ; Weight goes down by 20% ; Laser cutter running speed increases by 50%

Efficient and scratch-avoiding rotatable slats
Rotatable slats on the laser cutting machine bed rotating synchronously with the uncoiler and leveller avoids scratches and increases processing efficiency and quality.

Automatic Unloading, Intelligent Palletizing
Adopt belt conveyor and adjustable width limited device; the sheet material after processing is automatically transmitted to the unloading mechanism and then palletized by lifting mechanism according to the material width. Finished materials need no manual sorting any more, centralized sorting improves the working efficiency and saves labour