Small and smart.

The Bodor K Series is an entry level tube laser cutting machine that is focused on having a more economical solution. The K-Series has different options of size of the chuck to be able to optimize the diameters of the material. Although this is an entry-level model, the specially developed focusing head and the machine’s forward-thinking software are standard.

Why the Bodor K Series Tube Laser Cutting Machine?

  • Compact design, easy to operate, specially tailored for new users in the market
  • Customized sheet metal material, stable and durable, high space utilization
  • Suitable for various types of tubes
  • Automatic tube detection

Specialized Laser Head BodorGenius T
The slender nozzle allows the laser tuber cutter to avoid interference and cut various types of tubes, including special-shaped tubes like H-Beam, P-Beam, I-beam, etc.

Pneumatic Chuck
Cutting machine clamping becomes convenient, easy and fast, with 3 seconds at the soonest to clamp and high repeat precision

Integrated Full Protection Cover
Integrated full protection cover design, installing in place, greatly reducing installation time

Rectangular Tube Welded Bed
Simple structure and flexible layout

Applicable to smaller clamping diameter
The rear jaws can clamp the pipe to go through the front chuck, which greatly shortens the physical distance between the cutting head and the rear chuck jaws. Tail length is reduced to 70 mm and the material utilization rate is increased to 99%

Integrated Design
Integrated design of electrical control cabinet and main body, saving the space occupied, standardizing the line installation