Fully automated one-click loading and processing.

The Bodor iLoader is a professional plate laser cutting machine with the automatic feeding module. The swing arm can realize 120 large-scale rotation, making an easy layout on site. The plate can be loaded easily with only one button. The automatic operation saves time and effort, preventing plate from being scratched.

Why the Bodor iLoader Automatic Loading Module?

  • Ideal for industries such as engineering machinery, automatic metal sheet, doors manufacturing, road and bridge, electrical cabinet, elevator, hardware, sheet metal, etc.
  • Automatic loading
  • Servo control
  • Automatic sheets splitting
  • Material detection

Intelligent Sheet Separating
Avoid loading stuck sheets in a single loading as processing.

High-strength Linear Structure
The loading layout uses the linear structure with stronger rigidity and better loading capacity, which loads a maximum of 20mm thickness for a single sheet.

Flexible Loading Size
The size and type of the loading sheets are flexible and various.

Safety Interlock
The safety interlock prevents operations from irreversible accident in safety.