Hydraulic Lifting System

The Bodor iLift features a sheet position fixing aid to help your operators position sheets quickly. The iLift boasts anti-scratch capabilities helping effectively avoid scratching workpieces with no relative motion between ejector rods and blades in the unloading process. All of these capabilities result in less manpower required.

Why the Bodor iLift Back Bed Top Loading System?

  • To make the sheet movement and location more convenient by lifting and putting the sheet on the ball transfer units in loading process.
  • Efficiently avoid the damage of cutting material by raising the finished cutting piece in unloading process.
  • The application of ball transfer units realizes the random adjustment of sheet position and rapid location.
  • Hydraulic lift system greatly saves manpower and equipment occupying space.

Pneumatic Lift
Lifting sheets fast and efficiently with a pneumatic lifting structure.

Preventing Scratches
Ball bearing rollers are installed at tops of supporting rods to prevent workpieces scratches effectively when loading and uploading.

Strong Bearing Capacity
Wide range of applications, with a maximum full-table bearing capacity for a 6mm stainless steel sheet.