Powerful Indoor Dust Collector Meets North American Safety Standards.

The Belfab RG Series Modular Enclosed Dust Collector is equipped with a continuous pulse jet cleaning system with capacities ranging from 1500 to 5000 CFM. Its design meets the most stringent North-American safety regulations for an indoor installation by incorporating flameless venting and a fire extinguishing system as a standard. The unit’s fan is equipped with a variable speed drive which controls the airflow while maximizing energy efficiency. Our engineering team has also developed an HMI (Human Machine Interface) that monitors airflow performance and maintains optimal filter efficiency.

This equipment has been designed with the concept of modularity. This feature makes it possible to increase filtration surface cost effectively, with the introduction of additional filter modules. This expandable filter module capability makes it possible to offer large filtration surfaces.

Wireless Communication options that will report any abnormal conditions via email or SMS are available with new generation of dust collectors. In fact, the RG Series is equipped with smart sensors designed to collect data and communicate important status information to help you make informed decisions and increase productivity by reducing the risks of equipment downtime.

Why Belfab RG Series Modular Enclosed Dust Collector?

  • Available with 5 to 20HP and 1500 to 5000 CFM capacity
  • Indoor dust collection system meets North American safety regulations
  • Incorporated flameless venting and fire extinguisher system
  • Variable speed drive for maximum efficiency
  • Touch screen HMI interface to ensure optimal operation of the machine
  • Modular system can be expanded when further capacity is required
  • Safety Features Available including:
    • Flameless venting
    • Spark detection and extinguishing system (FM approved)
    • Backdraft damper
  • Automatic pulse jet cleaning system
  • 14 cu. ft. plastic tilt truck dust disposal system
  • Automatically activated with the start of your shop’s equipment
  • Premium efficiency TEFC motor
  • Lockable control panel for maintenance
  • Fan located on the clean side
  • CSAus approved

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