AKS Cutting Systems | water-cut X3 Waterjet Cutting System

Designed for fabricators requiring high volume and fast production operations.

The AKS water-kut X3 Waterjet Cutting System is the ideal waterjet cutting system for the fabrication industry offering users rugged performance with load/unload from three sides. It is a CNC x-y programmable waterjet cutting system that combines the highest technology, precision and performance with over 100 years of AKS superior machine building experience. The water-kut X3 was originally designed by MC Machinery, a subsidiary of MITSUBISHI, and improved upon by AKS engineers in the U.S.A.

The AKS water-kut X3 is designed and manufactured to the needs of fabrication users with precision, performance and durability. It uses premium ball screw drive on the y-axis bridge and helical rack & pinion drive on the x-axis. The water-kut X3 provides superior durability, easy load/unload, precision and affordability

Why AKS water-kut X3 Waterjet Cutting System?

  • 3-sided open cantilever design for easy load and unloading of large plates
  • X-axis Precision Ground Helical Rack & Pinion Drive System
  • Y-axis 32mm ball screw drive system
  • Z-axis 10″ programmable travel
  • +/-0.003″ per 3′ Accuracy of Motion
  • 800 ipm travel speed
  • Independent work table isolates thermal distortion and prevents crash/bump damage
  • Removable / replaceable slat table system
  • Laser calibrated and software compensated
  • Built-In submerged underwater cutting with water level raise / lower control
  • Automatic Touch Probe ensure consistent nozzle stand-off height above material
  • Collision Protection Bracket (standard on TCS unit)
  • 670 lb abrasive bulk feeder hopper
  • Adjustable abrasive mini-hopper on bridge
  • MITSUBISHI CNC Controller, Motors, Drives and Components
  • Metamation MetaJet CAD, CAM and “True-Shape” Auto Nesting
  • Patented Joystick for x-y-z manual motion control

  • Sizes Available: 4′ x 5′, 6′ x 12′, 6′ x 20’, 6’ x 24’, 8′ x 12’, 8’ x 14’, 8’ x 20′
  • Load Capacity: 6″ thickness, full plate
  • Accuracy of Motion: +/- 0.003 per 3′
  • Travel Speed: 800 ipm
  • Pump: Pump: Optional: KMT TRILINE Direct Drive 30hp / 55,000 psi | KMT NEO Intensifier 50hp / 60,000 psi | KMT PRO-3 Intensifier 60hp / 90,000 psi