AKS Cutting Systems | Oxy-Fuel Configurations

Give your oxy-fuel applications the same precision and repeatability you expect from AKS plasma cutters.

AKS oxy-fuel configurations use the industry-leading torch assembly that matches our machines with reliability and accuracy. AKS cutting machines can be equipped with multiple oxy-fuel torches to increase productivity and minimize processing time.

Why AKS Oxy-Fuel Configurations?

Torch Options

  • Remote torch gas on/ off controls
  • On / off of individual torch selected on controller
  • Fuel supply, heating oxygen, and cutting oxygen gasses controlled by separate solenoid valves

Remote Torch Ignition

  • Remote ignition initiated from the controller
  • Electrically ignites small gas jet that ignites the torch
  • Eliminates manual ignition by operator

Key Features

  • Good cut quality, low cutting speed, high heat input
  • Wide range of material thickness
  • Smooth, vertical planes of cut
  • Creates metallurgically perfect oxidized surfaces
  • Carbonizing and hardening within heat affected zone


All FIT + torches use the injector principle. This technology allow the mixture of preheat oxygen and fuel gas by a venturi principle injector ensuring the correct proportions and proper mixing. The benefits include reduced pressure and flow of fuel gas as well as reduced consumption in addition to increased life of the equipment and greatly improved safety by backfire reductions.


This technology creates a positive pressure through a proprietary valve that inserts oxygen pressure on the cutting oxygen channel during preheat and pierce.

The small oxygen flow cools the entire torch, including the mixed gases through the aluminum cooling body and prevents the reverse flow of hot gases into the cutting nozzle. Contamination is also avoided through this process.


  • Very high cutting speed may be achieved in these new torches due to a series of technologies and enhancements including:
  • High cutting pressure capability (same volume)
  • Smaller diameter nozzles and channel
  • Convergent – Divergent cutting channel
  • Laval shape of cutting channel


  • The FIT+torches have a completely tool-free operation, meaning:
  • Working efficiency with minimized nozzles exchange time
  • Easy handling for machine operations because of Tool-Free nozzles changing system
  • Nozzles fixation done manually by special bayonet system, without any wrench
  • Extended lifetime of heating nozzle
  • Provided in accordance with ISO 5172