AKS Cutting Systems | dura-kut CNC Plasma Cutting System

Heavy-duty precision CNC plasma cutting for large, thick plate applications.

The AKS dura-kut CNC Plasma Cutting System is a large format, traditional gantry style bridge plasma cutting system with heavy-duty features, robust design, multiple torch technology, and premium performance. It is manufactured to machine tool standards and is built for maximum precision, repeatability, flexibility, durability and longevity. Using the latest precision drive systems for high-speed, high-accuracy, heavy-duty plasma cutting.

The dura-kut combines the best of Hypertherm SureCut™ Technology with over 100 years of AKS superior machine experience. The AKS dura-kut is designed to handle large plasma cutting projects for larger and thicker plate cutting with independent table, separate from machine frame, and can include optional oxy-fuel torch cutting, multiple plasma torches, and multiple bridges. The AKS dura-kut uses the same controls, motors, drives and controller as all AKS Cutting Systems achieving superior motion accuracy and precision.

Why AKS dura-kut CNC Plasma Cutting System?

  • Heavy-Duty Machine Design for larger & thicker plate cutting
  • X-axis Dual Synchronized Vertical Rack & Pinion Drives on both sides
  • Y-axis Bridge Helical Rack & Pinion Drive
  • Z-axis Hypertherm Sensor™ Advanced Torch Height Control (THC)
  • Heavy-Duty End Truck Design including Servo Drive Motors, Gearbox and Bearings
  • Oversized Wheel Bearings and Long Wheel Base for Stability and Precision
  • Direct Mechanical Pinion Loading to Rack (no forced engagement) with Ultra-Low Backlash
  • Heavy-Duty Crane Rail X-axis
  • Hypertherm Hy-Definition HPR and XPR Family Plasma Power Unit & Torch
  • Hypertherm Auto Gas Control Console
  • Optional Water Table or Down Draft Table
  • Magnetic Breakaway Torch
  • Laser Pointer for Plate Alignment and Location Finding
  • Hypertherm Edge Connect™ CNC Controller (Free Standing or Gantry Mounted)
  • 19” Color Touch Screen Operator Control Console
  • Hypertherm ProNest™ Programming Software
  • +/-.006” per 3’ Positioning Accuracy of Motion

  • +/- 0.006” per 3’ accuracy of motion
  • 1200 ipm travel speed
  • standard widths: 8’, 10’, 12’, 14’, 16’, 18’
  • heavy-duty dura-max widths: 18′, 20’, 22’, 24’, and 30’