AGT ROBOTICS | LayoutMaster Full-Colour Laser Projection System

No More Layout Bottlenecks.

The AGT Robotics LayoutMaster Full-Colour Laser Projection System projects all the information that an operator needs to precisely tack-weld connections on the beam or on other connections. Compared to traditional fitting where a qualified fitter needs to read and understand the assembly drawing, pull-out the measuring tape and mark the beam with a chalk, the LayoutMaster will project complete and comprehensive information so that an operator with limited training can align the connection with the projected line and tack weld it in place.

The LayoutMaster doesn’t take up any floor space as it is designed for rail mounting on top of your fitting and welding bays. The LayoutMaster can also be installed alongside a BeamMaster to maximize productivity and minimize part handling.

Why AGT Robotics LayoutMaster Full-Colour Laser Projection System?

Using high-quality optical components. The full-color laser projection is the most accurate layout tool on the market.
With full-color operation, and highly-customizable layers, you can train any operator to become your best fitter in a matter of hours.

The LayoutMaster features more than 30 different information that can be projected on the beam or on other accessories. Part 3D contours, holes, holes center, welding information, part numbers and many, many more….

All the 3D information is projected, without delays directly on the beam.
Since you don’t have to mark the beam with a chalk, one fitter with the LAYOUTMASTER can be as effective as up to 5 fitters.

Using traditional methods, a highly trained fitter needs to carefully read a drawing, pull a tape measure and accurately mark out part positions.
The new way? LAYOUTMASTER for high-resolution, 3D color projection of all connections, holes, part numbers on H-Beams, HSS, Channels, Angles, Plates and more…

  • No floorspace needed
  • Projects on a wide variety of profiles
  • 3D projection even lets you project on a part on another part – easily with great accuracy
  • Will project FULL COLOUR data on almost ANY connection types
  • If it’s in CAD, it can be projected in full colour using the LayoutMaster
  • The LayoutMaster is fast! Compared to other marking systems that require more time and manipulation, the LayoutMaster instantaneously projects price information on the beam. No need to wait for a process to end or to load/unload other equipment that takes valuable floorspace
  • No consumables
  • Low material handling
  • Superior accuracy
  • Superior repeatability
  • The LayoutMaster can be used as a stand-alone solution, but can also be combined with the BeamMaster and/or Rotators to maximize your investment