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Planer/Sander Kit Measuring System

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Planer-Sander Kit includes everything you need to add digital measuring capability to your Wide Belt Sander or Industrial Planer.

The kit includes a ProScale Model 150 (shown in photo above), and a Universal Mounting Kit which contains several brackets and assorted installation hardware.

  • Set and Forget: Calibration settings are not lost due to power interruption. The absolute technology will remember its place even when you change the batteries.
  • Easy Operation: Front panel settings for Datum (Zero), Plus & Minus Offsets, and measurement Units.
  • Choice of Measurement Units: Readout will display readings in Millimeters, Centimeters, Decimal inches or Fractions. (Fractions can be displayed in 16ths, 32nds, or 64ths.)
  • Battery powered. Easy to install. Average battery life is 8 months. Uses 2 AA alkaline batteries.
  • High Noise Immunity: With ProScale Absolute technology, the likelihood of motor electrical noise, magnetic fields, or power transients affecting the measurement accuracy is reduced.
  • One year warranty
  • Manual


  • Accuracy (at encoder output): + .002in/ft (.17mm/m); + .008in.(.20mm)max error
  • Repeatability + .001in, + .01mm
  • Temperature Co-efficient: 25ppm/°C (from 20° to 100° C)
  • Measuring Range: Measurements up to 10 inches (250mm)